5 Perfect Women Winter Coat to Gift Your Friend In Christmas 2021

Christmas time is a special time of year in which we spend with our family and friends. During this festive occasion, we usually have a lot of gift for Christmas in our mind to buy for the people we love most during that season. And why not it would be? 

Christmas is the most popular time for giving gifts worldwide. According to Statista, each person in the united states spends about $850 on Christmas gifts. 

Still, choosing the best thing for loved ones is a difficult task. A lot of people go for last-minute shopping in a rush before Christmas, which has countless disadvantages. It increases stress, and most of the time, customers end up spending money on worthless products. 

Rest assured, you don’t have to worry about it because the Universal Jacket team is here to help you out. We have chosen some fantastic coats from our collection. They are best for someone you care about.

Winter Coats are a good gift for Christmas, notably for women. The good thing is we have a large variety of coats in our universal jackets store. So you have plenty to choose from our store for your female friend. 

Anna Kendrick Love Life Darby Black Wool-Blend Coat

The Anna Kendrick Love Life Darby Black Wool-Blend coat is beautiful and super classy that your friend can wear in her everyday life for indoor and outdoor activities. 

This classic black coat features a knee-length, button-style front closure and two side waist slant pockets. It is made out of 100% wool blend, so it’s durable and flexible and helps to provide warmth when temperatures start to drop in colder weather. So please don’t wait for more; add it to the shopping cart and surprise your friend with useful gifts. 

A Nashville Christmas Carol Jessy Schram Coat

If your friend is Nashville Christmas Carol fan, then here is one of the best recommendations for the perfect gift for Christmas

It is a beautiful navy blue velvet coat, ideal for all occasions, whether it is a dinner or casual party in the town. The vibrant color of this jacket is enough to show your friend’s elegance and classy side at a party. 

The sleeves are long, and the wrap belt closure with lapel collar style makes it more fashionable. Besides, it is a stunning winter wonderland piece that will keep your friend warm while giving her a sophisticated vibe. 

A Timeless Christmas Erin Cahill Grey Coat

The ability to give someone a gift can be an enjoyable experience. And finding a special something and valuable gifts for friends is always thrilling. That’s why we have chosen this coat for your friend. 

It is inspired by Erin Cahill and manufactured from high-quality wool blend material. The color of this coat is grey with a wrap belt closure. The premium quality material and design are excellent to provide warmth in the winter season. In brief, it is an excellent choice for anyone who loves to stay in the spotlight at the party. 

Catherine Bell Meet Me At Christmas Coat

The fourth coat of our list is inspired by Catherine Bell, a character from “Meet me at Christmas.” It is in the public eye since Catherine Bell is seen wearing this coat. It is made from a wool blend, features a notch lapel-style collar and front button closure. 

The color of this beautiful coat is ivory that is known for representing elegance with a quiet and calm tone. So grab it as soon as possible for your friend before it gets out of stock. 

Christmas in Vienna Allegra Tinnefeld Coat

If your friend is energetic and a jolly person and you want to give something that represents her personality, then this coat is exactly what you want. It is worn by Allegra Tinnefeld in the movie Christmas in Vienna. 

The material of this coat is cotton blend and features knot closure from the front and hooded collar. We design it with pink color that is the best color code for Christmas occasion, and it also represents love, kindness, feminity. So check out the coat and purchase this amazing gift for Christmas. 

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Best Jackets For Halloween 2021

Get your spirits and hopes high because this spooky season, you are going to wear your favorite characters the perfect way! Apart from the candies and pranks, a Halloween costume tells a lot about your contented feelings for the event. Universal Jackets have arisen with their trendy yet spooky Halloween-worthy outfits that will drive you right into the character you are supposed to be! 

One of our favorites and perfect for horror movies fans! The black leather jacket has a bold classy look to it. The silver zips sewn adds a pop to the piece and can be worn under a white dress similar to Tiffany Valentine. Tiffany Valentine is portrayed as a very brave and wild character with evil looks and a devious smile. Along with makeup and messy hair that gives a scary look, you will nail your Halloween character with Chucky’s Tiffany Valentine Black Jacket!

If you are planning to go for a simple and bold but still charming enough to fit Halloween, our Halloween Party Black Bomber Jacket is the perfect piece for you. This full sleeve black jacket has a very spontaneous yet cool vibe to it. It has Halloween’s pumpkin printed onto it which can be torn through the zipper in the middle. The words “Halloween Party” are written over the sleeves and the front of this black jacket which makes it perfect for parties and a cute sight for the trick or treaties.

With the colors that pop out the spirit of Halloween and a cool light style, our Halloween Pattern Pumpkins Bomber Jacket is perfect if you don’t want to go over the top with your outfit but still steal the spotlight. With Halloween’s bright orange pumpkins printed on it along with a hint of yellow, this full sleeve black jacket has a sleek but a funky vibe to it. It is stretchable, available in every size and is enclosed with a zipper stitched in the middle. 

Disney fans, listen up! During the dark scary nights of Halloween, let Monsters University Jacket be the light. This royal blue jacket with full white sleeves is not merely perfect for Halloween but for any party. However, it seems to take over the trends this season and be the flawless fit to everyone. Everybody deserves to dress up in their preferred picks and we didn’t want our Disney fans to worry. We aimed to design the jacket with our hearts and so, it is handmade. 

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We believe happy vibes revolve around our perspectives and our perspective is to spread joy and let our customers make the most of this spooky day. Your costume unravels the spirits for Halloween and makes your day fun. Eat candy, party hard, enjoy to the fullest, Happy Halloween! 

Squid game outfits

The squid game is a survival drama of South Korea that was released on 17 September 2021, it is streamed on Netflix. This show consists of four hundred and fifty-six different characters who are financially struggling in their lives or the life is giving them lemons. 

These people are invited to a game where they are granted the opportunity to win billions of won (Official currency name of South Korea), but it leads them to a dangerous survival game. It is widely famous for its thrilling storyline and excellent dressing. It has a fantastic cast that includes Lee Jung-Jae, Jung Ho-Yeon, Wi Ha-Joon, Anupam Tripathi, Park Hae-soo, etc. the talented cast created this show to be a blockbuster by their amazing acting skills. 


In the series, all of the group members wear this tracksuit. it was comfortable enough and sporty at the same time. That is why they choose an amazing color, “Green,” and design the tracksuit that will look bold on every player.  

This cotton-polyester jacket is widely famous for its stunning shade of green. It is comfortable and has a basic style but it still looks appealing. It has a stand-up color style with a front open zipper and long sleeves which makes it perfect to wear while the morning walk. On the left side of the jacket, a ‘456’ patch is sewed. All the member has their number stitched on their jacket. 


The jacket comes with a white cotton polyester with ‘456’ written in green on the middle of the white t-shirt for the perfect pop of color. The number varies for all the members.


You’ll also get casual trousers made of the same material and color as the jacket. 

Note: You can also contact us if you’re a fan of any other squid game player or casts like Ali Abdul, Hae-Soo Park, or Jung Hoyeon and want to purchase their jacket. We’ll customize it for you. 

Red jumpsuit: 

This red jumpsuit was the star of the show because of its comfortable and chic looks. It is made up of cotton polyester and has the perfect shade of bright red for a jumpsuit. It has a front open zipper closure that has black detailing. This outfit has a lot of detailing as it has two side pockets with a pocket on the chest. Due to the presence of these pockets, this outfit fits right on the list of trendy outfits. The stitching of this jumpsuit is very smooth, and it consists of long sleeves with rib-knitted cuffs for the perfect comfort.


This jumpsuit comes with an inner as well, made up of soft viscose lining and fabricated to be comfortable enough for the person wearing it. 


The jumpsuit also comes with a black belt that provides a pop of color to the whole red outfit, black and red, a bold combo, correct? The belt is an element that gives the entire outfit a put-together look. 


  • To accessories this jumpsuit and make it look chicer, guards wore it with a black pair of shoes that look comforting and cool for a guard costume. Simple black shoes look comfy and sober for a guard outfit. So make sure that you wear your black shoes. 
  • A guard’s jumpsuit is incomplete without a pair of black gloves. Don’t forget to purchase skin-fitted black gloves for a more remarkable effect on the whole look. 
  • Frontman outfit

Frontman coat: 

This frontman coat is people’s favorite as it looks so classy and fabulous. The stitching of this coat is perfect as it fits in the body very well. It is a knee-length coat with full sleeves. It is made up of cotton, the color of this coat is blackish grey. It comes with a hoodie; the whole vibe of this coat is amazingly chic. 


The frontman has been seen wearing a mask with unique detailing. It looks as if it’s an origami mask from far, but the mask provides a perfect touch to the whole outfit. The unique shape of the mask gave the ideal curiosity for the identity of the frontman. It is the ideal mask for a villain or bad guy-themed costume party. 


  • This outfit is incomplete without a pair of black leather Goods that’ll enhance the classiness of the outfit. So remember to wear gloves with this amazing outfit. 

Best and Trendy Ideas For Halloween 2021 Outfits


Halloween is a day dedicated to getting spooky, but finding costumes that help you to create a spooky look is not as easy as it seems. And everyone wants one thing for sure, which is an unforgettable look! 

Although Halloween originated in the middle ages, it has seen a lot of changes. From the idea of witches and ghosts to devils and zombies, there is no shortage of trendy Halloween costumes. And that’s the problematic point. We’ve numerous options, and choosing one outfit among all options is an uphill climb because no one wants a basic look. 

Don’t worry because the fantastic team of Universal jackets understands your problem. That’s why we’ve come up with different dress-up ideas for Halloween that won’t scream “basic.”

So if you’re looking for a trendier, unique, scary, and spooky look, these ideas are exactly what you want. 

Trendy Outfits For Unforgettable Spooky Look!

Let’s start the journey with some trendy and scary outfits! 

Squid Game Guard Costume

Undeniably, the Squid game is one the best tv series, and there are many reasons for it. From the mysterious adventure gaming journey to the costumes, everything about it is perfect. The suspense, mystery, thriller, love, and friendship in the story win everyone’s heart. 

If you’re also the one who hasn’t been able to stop re-watching, then you just need this costume to feel the adventure of a squad game guard. It is a pink guard costume that features a hooded collar that gives scary vibes to everyone. Don’t forget to wear a full black mask for an unforgettable spooky look. 

Squid Game Frontman Coat

If you want something scarier than the guard outfit then the frontman is the best choice. Believe me, anyone who’ll wear this coat can easily steal the spotlight at the Halloween party. 

And why not it would be? This coat has everything anyone can want. Full sleeves, black color, hoodie for a spine-chilling look that can Scare the living daylights out of anyone! Make sure to carry a fake knife and wear the mask the same one the frontman wore with the black glove for a creepy appearance. 

Halloween Kills the Shape Jumpsuit

Here comes our latest outfit for Halloween, which is the kill shape jumpsuit. It was worn by a character named Michael Myers in the Halloween series. The character of Micheal Myers is pure evil; he’s a psychopath killer whose appearance can make anyone’s blood run cold! 


So if you also want to look scary and creepy as well then it is the best outfit for you. It will give you a psychopath serial killer look that can freak out anyone. The color of the jumpsuit is green and has four pockets, two sides and two chest pockets. Moreover, it is available in all size, so don’t wait, grab it as soon as possible and rock in the Halloween party!

Create a Unique Look With!

Undeniably horror and scary look are the first choices of the majority for Halloween. Still, many people don’t want it. After all, 50% – 60% of people go for it, and not all people want to look the same as others. 

That’s why everyone searches for a costume that gives them a cool and unique look at parties. Our team decided to add some amazing jackets and coats to solve your problem, which you can wear with almost all apparel on Halloween 2021.  

Alfred Molina Trench Coat 2021

Spider franchise fans, listen up! We have come up with an amazing plan for you. We know that every fan of the spider-man franchise is eagerly waiting for the moment when they will see their favorite villain Alfred Molina aka Doctor Octopus, again saying Hello, Peter! 

That’s why we decided to add Dr. Octopus coat to our collection. It is a black trench coat perfect for wearing with the outfit on Halloween night. We use premium quality leather to provide the best quality as we promise. It also has two side pockets, including an open front design with a button-down closure. So grab it now before it goes out of stock. 

Erron Black Mortal Kombat 11 Jacket

Creating a unique look is a difficult task, yet everyone wants it, and why not? Halloween only comes one time in a year. The first idea that comes to everyone’s mind is celebs-inspired, tv-shows or movie character-inspired outfits. But you can’t go for these ideas. 

Erron Black is a character in the game Mortal Kombat 11. As you can see in the picture, that is how different it looks from other jackets. Moving into specs, It has black color with a hint of red, plus it is made with pure leather with a round neckline collar, and zipper closure at the front retains versatility. 

Tip: For an unforgettable look, carry a fake gun, wear black gloves, a hat, and a mask with your outfit. 

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We believe happy vibes revolve around our perspectives, and our view is to spread joy and let our customers make the most of this spooky day. Your costume unravels the spirits for Halloween and makes your day fun. Eat candy, party hard, enjoy to the fullest. Happy Halloween!